Friday, February 19, 2010

G’day from Down Under!

The idea behind author blog exchanges is to meet people and widen your circle of friends, so that’s what I thought I’d blog about today.
It’s such a small world now days. Once people rarely had the opportunity to meet and befriend people from other cultures and countries unless they were lucky enough to travel, but with the advent of the internet, the whole world is now at our fingertips…literally!
I look at my writing and although Fallout, my new release is set in Australia and has Australian Characters, I also write stories using other nationalities. I have a team of US Marines in a linked series that will hopefully be published in the near future and it always gets people curious as to why I used Marines…well why not? What’s not to love about a Marine?! The uniform, the discipline, the uniform, the history….the uniform!!!!!!
Fallout though, is based on an Australian soldier, who has been wounded and newly released from Army life…have you figured out I have a military theme going in my writing yet?!
It also has Tully-- a Detective in big trouble! Who is not about to sit back and let any man—especially a sexy, sure of himself ex-soldier step in and rescue her. This is one damsel more at home with causing distress to bad guys, then waving a lace handkerchief for help.
If you’d like to read an except, you can head over to my blog and take a look. You’ll find a more in-depth introduction to the characters and a trailer for Fallout.
A big thanks to Jaxx, for having me here and allowing me the opportunity to tell you a little bit about my new release, Fallout- released 17th February 2010.

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