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Candy Kink with Hosting for the Holidays

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Jaxx Steele back atcha wishing you Happy Holidays once more and to share with you my love for older men! This blog will focus on Hosting for the Holidays!
I have always adored older men. You know the ones I’m talking about. The men that are aging like fine wine. Getting sexier as time passes. The Sean Connerys, Mark Harmons, Samuel Jacksons, Denzel Washingtons, Antonio Banderas’ and one of my favorites, the late Ricardo Montalbans in the world.
Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of Jaxx Steele and not necessarily shared by the good people at Close Encounters with the Night Kind!
There! Now, that the legalities have been observed….
The physical beauty of a young man is surely one of his prize possessions. I mean, who doesn't walk along the beach just to see those lovely hard bodies, burned to a golden glow by the sun, glistening with a sheen of perspiration, flexing beautifully in the bright July heat?
0-0 *ahem* 
Sorry about that. I got lost in the visual of all that and lost my train of thought. Now where was I? Oh yes…as I was saying. That's all good, but it takes more than a pretty face, doesn’t it? I am not trying to bash younger men, but if physical beauty fades with time and that’s all you have, well…
An older man who is healthy in mind and conscience of his physical health can be just as visually beautiful! Father Time has been kind to his body because he remains active. He may not possess that six pack he used to at twenty five, but as he hovers around fifty he is in good shape and shows appreciation for your six pack! And Lordy! Let’s not forget there are still a few out there who do have the body they had at twenty five! He appreciates the days he has and lives them to the fullest. His graying hair looks distinguished on him and ups his sexiness tenfold.
I also love the fact that he is confident about who he is. Educated, intelligent and worldly is a major turn on! He has no problem teaching you what he knows and welcomes the challenge of learning new things from you. Ahhh, yes, what can I say? I love them.
Hosting for the Holidays starts at Christmas and ends New Years night. It is a May-December romance that celebrates the beauty of the older man. Though Chad calls his lover Daddy, it is a term of endearment not a designation.  Here’s a peek. Enjoy!

Hector had chosen the Christmas time for his young lover, Chad, to meet his best friends for the first time. Christmas Eve dinner went well and Chad felt he had made a group of new friends. To celebrate New Year's Eve Chad made special plans for him and Hector, but will the impromptu appearance by their friends threatened to ruin his big surprise?

“So Santa, do you have enough time to hang around and play with my sweet little Chad?”
Santa’s laugh was far from his famously known ‘ho-ho-ho’, but it did have joy in it. “If I can stay up all night delivering Christmas gifts to good little children around the world, surely I have enough time and strength to fuck the both of you.”

Santa’s voice was deep and silky sending waves of sensual vibrations down Chad’s back. Santa kicked his boots off and removed the pants before he reached down to yank the glittery white cloth from underneath the tree. He walked to the fireplace wearing only his hat and jacket as the lights from the tree flickered teasingly across his tight muscular butt. Lowering himself onto the carpet, he spread out the cloth and discarded his red velvet coat.

“Have you been a good boy, Chad?” he asked stroking his cock.

Chad swallowed loudly. “Yes, Santa, I have been very good.”

“Are you a good lay, too?”

The carnal question made Chad’s cock bob in his hand and a shudder run down his back. He looked up at Hector and his love smiled approvingly at him.

“Oh yes, I am very good,” he answered, turning his attention back to Santa.

Santa lay back on top of the tree skirt in front of the roaring fire. The light of the dancing flames made his dark skin glow like polished copper. His impressive piece was full as his hand twisted and turned over the gleaming chocolate head. Hundreds of Christmas cards with Santa, Kris Kringle, St. Nick and a slew of other renditions of the same man flashed through Chad’s mind. None could hold a candle to how good this dark, delicious man looked stretched out leisurely before their fireplace.

“Then come ride Santa’s cock with that tight little ass of yours.”

Chad didn’t hesitate to answer his call. He wanted more than anything to ride Santa’s big dick and so did his daddy. He straddled Santa’s lap pressing his hands to his broad shoulders for leverage. Leaning forward he let Santa position his staff in place, and then he pressed down until it disappeared inside of him.

His eyes closed as he planted his knees on the carpet and rocked slowly back and forth over the bulging head. Chad pressed his lips together to muffle a moan. His face twisted in obvious pleasure. Still gripping Santa’s shoulders, Chad bounced his ass over the thick organ, arching his back with rhythmic thrusts of his hips, to bring them both optimal pleasure. Santa grasped Chad’s hips, slamming onto his cock.

“Shit! He works you like this every night, Old School?” Santa asked Hector.

Hector let out a lusty laugh and came closer to them. “Not every night, but as often as I let him.”

It took Santa let a few groans slip out before he spoke again. “No offense, dude, but aren’t you a little old for a sweet young thang like this to be fucking you with such gusto?”

Hector laughed again as he ran his fingers lovingly through Chad’s hair as he continued to work Santa into frenzy.

“None taken and you’re probably right, but what better way to go, eh?”

Hosting for the Holidays available at Muse it Hot!

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Candy Cane Kink look at the Gift!

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Greetings Readers!
Jaxx Steele here to wish you Happy Holidays and to share another one of my Christmas stories with you: The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

This is one of my favorites. Like most authors My books are kind of like my children. I know you’re not supposed to have favs among your children, but even though you love them all the same there has to be a time when you like one more than the other. Come on, where are all the parents? You guys know I know what I’m talking about. 

The Johnston family is not so different from the ones we may know or even your own. Lovell comes home every holiday to spend time with his sister and mom even though they drive him crazy. They have their traditions and yearly fights over the same things and depart a loving family until next time.

Lovell Johnston is gun shy of relationships because of a personal defect. His job as owner of an internet website that hooks up other people enables that because he has lots of online friends, but none in the real world. He comes home every Christmas to get away from the hustle and bustle the season brings to a big city to have a little peace in a quiet suburb. 

This story is meant to remind us all that sometimes—just sometimes—the people who know you best really do know what’s best for you. Enjoy!

Lovell Johnston was home for the holidays when he met Avery Lockhart. He had made up his mind a long time ago that when he got into another relationship it was going to last. Avery was perfect for him everything he could ask for in a man. He was handsome, educated, sexy, available and totally interested in him. The only thing was Lovell lived in the city and Avery lived in his home town. Would the distance and fear of being a holiday booty call be enough to keep them apart when all they wanted to do was be together?
“You know, if you spent more time with live people your manners would be better.”
He looked up at her as he chewed, but didnt reply. They ate silently for a few moments before she spoke again.
“So, I heard that you met Avery over at the store.”
“Uh-huh,” he said between bites of chicken.
She picked up her mug. “So what did you think?”
He blew the steam off the top of his own mug before taking a long gulp. “He was nice.”
“Uh-huh, well I think hes a cutie. Don’t you think so?”
Hell yeah!
“Hes alright.”
“Good, Im glad you approve. I was thinking of asking him out.”
Lovell almost choked on his last bite of food. “You were what? No, no, Andie, I-- I dont think thats a good idea.”
“Well, why not? Hes single, handsome, has a job and hes an educated man. That makes him prime eligible bachelor material. A woman doesnt run across a good man like that every day, you know.”
Hmm, neither does a man.
“Dont you think I should nab him before someone else does?”
“I-- I, well, Andie,” he paused not knowing what to say. “What if youre not his type?” he blurted out.
His sister laughed. “Believe me, honey, I can be whatever type he will need. That will not be an issue.”
She stood and took their plates to the sink and used the small pot on the stove to refill his mug.
“Lovell, will you be up for a while?”
He nodded blowing and then sipping from his mug again. “Mmm hmm.”
“Well, I have secret Santa gifts for my co-workers and all the gifts for the children on the burn unit to wrap still. I knew I wouldnt have time to pick up some more wrapping paper from the store so I asked Avery to deliver them here.”
He put his mug down with a thud. Avery is coming here? 
“I have to go to work in a bit so I cant wait.”
She didn’t just say Avery was coming here…did she?
“Maybe you can put in the good word for me while hes here.”
Lovell picked up his mug and emptied it in one gulp to wet his dry mouth ignoring the heat. “Wouldnt it be easier if I just go pick those things up for you, Andie, instead of him coming here?”
“Its too late for that now, Lovell. I called this morning while you were asleep and he said hed be here after Mr. Brent returned from his lunch break.” She looked at her watch. “I have to go. There are some leftovers in there if you get hungry again.” She kissed the top of his head and left him alone.
He wanted to see Avery again more than anything, but his sister was interested in him, too. What if he really wasnt interested in Lovell? He could have just read the signs wrong and Avery was just being nice to him. If Avery was really interested in Andie and not him, well… Well, it didnt matter. He lived in the city and his sister was here in town. If it worked out between her and Avery, well, then good for her. She deserved a good guy like Avery and she was right. He was handsome, and nice, and sexy, and he had a good job…nice butt…and a bulge in front of his pants looked more than adequate. Who didnt want a man like that? He sighed looking at the clock over the stove and then headed for his room.
He hoped a long hot shower would wash away all the crazy ideas floating in his head. The water felt good. He stood beneath it for what seemed like hours and it almost worked. All thoughts went down the drain save one: I wonder what Avery would look like with this water washing over him? He shook his head hard to dislodge the lone thought and then turned the water off. Stepping out he wrapped a towel around his waist and heard the banging at the door.
He ran from the bathroom to the living room and swung open the door.
“Well, now that’s the type of greeting worth waiting in the cold for.”

The Gift that Keeps on Giving is available at Red Rose Publishing

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Let the Candy Cane Kink hopping begin!

Hello Hoppers!
Welcome to Candy Cane Kink! I love this time of year. Everyone wants peace and love for their fellow man, cookies are freely passed around (I love cookies) and no other time do strangers say hello and great you well wishes for the new year. I enjoy Christmas time so much I have written 3 Christmas stories with several more to come. I will share a different one with you during this hop.  Leave your comments below and be entered into the pot to win one of my Christmas stories. Commentors choice! So come back on the 17th and the 21st for a greater chance at winning.

It was Christmas time again and Evan was celebrating the same ole way. Not hanging with the fellas or enjoying a secret Santa exchange at a party, but back at his sister's house. This year, however, would be a little different for Evan. This year he would learn that being a Good Samaritan had tangible benefits as well.


“Holy shit!” Evan said in a shushed whisper as his cup made a thud on the counter. “That’s Mimi’s boyfriend? Hell! Ray wasn’t even that cute.” He opened the cabinet and shifted the contents about until he found one that resembled his own. “She said she was going to see him tonight, so why would she leave before he even got here?” He snatched a paper towel from the nearby spool to remove any water spots. “What the hell am I supposed to do with him until she gets back?”

Evan moved to the freezer and dropped two ice cubes into the glass.

He grabbed the other ingredients from the refrigerator to make the man’s drink and retrieved a fresh bottle of cognac from an adjacent cupboard to finish it off. Before leaving the kitchen, Evan refilled his cup and gulped down the amber liquor, then poured more. The swing door leading to the living room was only partially open when Evan reversed and went back to the counter. He put the drinks down and pulled his phone from his pocket.

“You have reached Mariah. I can’t get to the phone, but if you leave your name and a brief message—”


Evan closed his phone and stuffed it back into his pocket before the message finished. He shook his head and left with the drinks. “Sorry it took so long, Nikolai. I had to find something to mix your drink with. I hope eggnog is all right. I even added some extra cinnamon to it to boost the flavor,” Evan explained handing him one of the snifters.

“Yeah, nog is fine. Thank you.”

Nikolai sat in the other high backed chair. He had taken off his coat, and seemed relaxed with his right boot resting on his left knee. Nikolai’s position gave Evan a good view of his the bulge in front of his jeans. The blue button down shirt he wore tucked neatly into the waist was separated by a large belt buckle with a Batman symbol on it. Small tuffs of blond curls peeked out the top of the collar. The same blond hair covered his head in a short neat cut that gave him a sweet boyish look. Evan turned away from him and returned to his chair.

“This is really good. Thanks, uhh...”

“I’m sorry, Nikolai. My name is Evan. I’m Mariah’s brother.”

Evan leaned forward and the tingle in his hand intensified when Nikolai grasped it in a firm handshake. He looked up from their hands and Nikolai’s gaze locked onto his. Nikolai’s eyes were blue and extremely intense. They bore into his core, pulling on something very primal deep inside of him.

“Nice to meet you, Evan. I didn’t even know Mariah had a brother.”

“Well she just told me about you, so she probably just hasn’t had the chance to mention me.”

“Yes, I guess so. But you know,” he paused to pull Evan closer to him, “now that you’ve said something I do see a family resemblance.”

“Really? Most people who knew our parents said Mariah looked more like our father and I resembled our mother.”

“Well I don’t know about that, but I do see that you guys have the same beautiful eyes. Whose feature is that?”

“Uh, well, that would be my father. He was the one with the dark eyes.”

“Dark? I’d say that was an understatement.” He ogled Evan further.

“Your eyes are as dark as the night sky. They even sparkle when you speak, as if there were stars there.”

Evan looked down at his hand. Nikolai had squeezed it gently as he spoke. The pressure sent a shock to his loins awakening them immediately. Slowly he pulled his hand out of Nikolai’s and sat back in his chair. Evan reluctantly took a closer look of the man out the corner of his eye. Nikolai had leaned forward to rest on his knees as he indulged in his drink.

The fire lit the room enough for him to get a good look at him. The man was fine as hell and the crackling light emphasized his handsome features. Red, blue and green Christmas lights flashed on and off over his white skin accentuating his strong Russian nose, angular jaw line and slender lips. Flames danced invitingly in his gaze. Evan could have sworn he saw a spark of lust in those brilliant blue eyes that focused on him. He hid a disbelieving snicker in his glass.

Must be the liquor talking to me. Why would Mariah’s new boyfriend be looking at me with interest in his eyes?

Evan cleared his throat and tore his eyes away. He sipped from his glass then gestured toward him. “So Nikolai, tell me a little about yourself.”

“Well, I just recently moved to this pleasant little town of yours, and I think I like it. It’s big change from Chicago, but I’m getting used to it. I’m thirty-three years old, six foot two and a hundred and eighty-five pounds. My favorite color is brown, my favorite food is homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon bits in it and I’m a Leo. Did I leave anything out?” Nikolai asked with a laughing grin.

Evan chuckled in his cup before taking a drink. “That’s funny, but I meant stuff like, where did you and my sister meet or what do you guys like to do together. You know, stuff like that about you.”

“Oh. Well, when you ask me a question you need to be more specific and less sexy. It distracted me.”

Christmas Nick for Everyone is available now at Phaze

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Let the hopping begin!


Welcome to the Wicked After Dark Hop! 
Besides December and all the festivities that happen then, October is my favorite month because it has Halloween! I absolutely love dressing up. I would go to a masquerade party every weekend in a different costume if I could. It's so much fun and it never grows old for me.

I participated in this hop to celebrate Halloween with my soft horror short story, Indian Blood Moon. On the norm I am not a gory, horror or scary story writer. I don’t read stories like that nor do I partake in movies of that nature, but I did have the desire to spread my writing wings, so to speak.

The demon elements in this story came to me first then there had to be someone or something the demons served. When the story started to roll it became fun. The demons were gross, the leader was handsome and sexy enough to lure in the prey. The incantations are creepy. All the ingredients for your basic spooky story are there. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jaxx Steele story if I didn’t add a twist to it. It’s what is what I do. *wink*

For my first ‘horror’ story I thought it came out well and so did the the publisher. So for those who like a little shiver going up their spine but want to be able to sleep at night I recommend Indian Blood Moon. :)

Small town reporter Dante Tyler lives his mundane life wishing for something more. When he was sent to cover a Halloween party for his newspaper he finds that the most horrible encounter of his life turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

A soft gasp left Dante’s lips as the Dom slid his hands down his sub’s back. To the beat of the music, he ground slowly against the submissive’s ass as he held onto his shoulders. The move demanded Dante’s attention, calling to his baser needs that had been asleep from lack of a lover for over two years. He envied the man being dominated by his lover. Visions of himself being bent over like that with a strong and powerful lover behind him worked its way into his mind.
Many times he had been told that he was a large and intimidating looking man. The men he often attracted expected him to top them for that very reason. Dante was an attentive lover and did what his lovers requested of him, but he found that it was difficult for those same men to do him the way he wanted to be done. Not too many men were large enough or strong enough to take him that way. It led to dysfunction in his sex life and rendered his relationships far and few between.
He thought he heard Jack’s voice near his ear trying to cut through his fantasy as he pictured the Dom taking him that way, but it wasn’t until he felt a touch on his hand that he turned his way.
“Huh? I’m sorry, did you say something, Jack?”
“Yeah, I was asking you if you were here alone.”
Dante nodded. “Yes, I am, but I’m actually here working.”
Dante nodded, sipping from his glass. “Yes, I am a reporter and I’m doing a story on this party.”
The sinister gleam in Jack’s smile came and went before he responded. “Sounds like a fun job. Going to parties and writing about them, I could get paid for doing that. Maybe you should have some extra fun to add a little spice to your article.”
Dante looked away from the dance floor to Jack. His voice was soft and smooth, filled with the lust Dante was feeling at the moment. Could he have a little fling with this cute little pirate? He wasn’t really his type, but…
“Maybe I could.”
Jack clicked his glass to Dante’s and smiled. “Well then drink up, my friend and let the party really begin.”
Dante finished the rest of his drink in one long gulp. A rush of heat covered his body like a wave. When it passed, he looked at his cute little pirate to say something but he appeared a little fuzzy. He shook his head and chuckled.
“Something wrong, Dante?”
“No, I’m fine. It’s just been a while since I really drank. I guess the two Long Islands are getting to me.”
“Maybe you just need some air. Come on.”
Jack grabbed his arm and led to the back of the room to a sliding glass door. The cool air hit Dante in the face, but didn’t make him feel better. Jack quickly walked him away from the building.
“Where are we going, Jack?”
Jack didn’t answer him.
Dante could feel the change in the air. The cool breeze told him they were nearing the lake. Although his vision was fuzzy, he could see the lake in the distance getting closer and a group of people standing close by.
“What’s going on? Who are they?”
Still he didn’t answer. Dante tried to yank his arm away from the little pirate, but he had no strength and no coordination as he stumbled along beside him. His internal alarm started ringing and he tried yelling. His cries for help rang loudly in his head, but the echoes sounded so far away to his ears.
“Don’t waste your time screaming, no one can hear you over the music,” Jack finally said.

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