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Welcome First Kiss Hoppers!

Greetings First Kiss hoppers!

I am Jaxx Steele, author of gay romance. During this hop you will read many ‘first kisses’ from a lot of people. Some are planned to the smallest detail for perfection sake, others are romantically spontaneous, mine, however, was totally out of my control. 

I had my first kiss at 12. There I was walking down the street, minding my own business when Charlene screamed my name to get my attention. I turned to see her and another boy running toward me. She was my sister’s best friend so I waited in case she had a message for me from her. To my surprise she grabbed my arm, turned my face toward her and kissed me in the mouth. With wildly blinking eyes I stared between her and the other guy wondering what had just happened.

With a big grin she said, “See, I told you I had a boyfriend. So I can’t be your girl and his.”

Convinced by her logic the boy shrugged and walked away. When he was safely out of hearing range, Charlene turned to me and said, “Now you know dag-gone-well I was making that up, right? For the record, you are Jackie’s nasty, stinking brother and there is no way we would ever be boyfriend and girlfriend.” Then she wiped my mouth off, presumably to wipe away the kiss, and left me standing there dazed and confused. 

Today my sister is still friends with Charlene. We laugh every time we see each other and that day comes up. Now, that you’ve seen what my first kiss was like, I would like to show you what Luke’s first kiss with Anthony was like. He too was left dazed when it was all said and done.

After the death of his lover, Luke Finley took dating off his list of things to do. When he met Anthony Dixon, Luke found it difficult to keep the handsome man safely on the friend list. Will Luke to let the ghosts from his past prevent him from having love in his future? 

“Luke, I’d like us to be more than friends,” Anthony blurted out.

Luke stiffened. He turned wide eyes to Anthony. Since the night they went out to dinner after their first bowling match they had been almost inseparable.

“I thought we were more than just friends, Anthony. We’re together all the time. You’re my closest friend beside Nick.”

“That means a lot to me. I know how close you and Nick are. I’d like to be more than that to you.”

“How much closer can we be? I mean, we do everything together.”

Anthony smiled and cupped his face. “Not everything.”

Luke felt heat fill his cheek as he comprehended his statement.

“Oh, well—”

“Luke, I want us to be exclusive. Friends don’t have sex, boyfriends do.”

“Is that the only reason you want to be more? So we can have sex?”

His voice was sharper than he wanted. Luke saw something change in Anthony’s eyes and immediately regretted his accusation. Anthony dropped his arm and sat back on the cushions.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“No, it’s all right, Luke. That’s a valid question. Do I want us to be more just so I can have sex with you? The answer, of course, is no. If all you can truly offer me is your friendship then I will gladly accept it, but I would like to be more."
Anthony paused to shift position to face him.

"I want to be the one you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on. When you’re so happy and feel like you’re about to bust if you don’t share your news with someone, I want that someone to be me. I want to hear about all the trivial details of your day that drive you crazy and the ones that remind you why you love what you do. I want to grow old with you, making memories that we can cherish as old men,” Anthony explained, taking his hands.

Luke was flabbergasted. He never considered anything more than friendship with Anthony. Luke had already had the love of his life. If you only get one powerful love like that, then Luke figured he and Anthony were best suited to be friends.

“I want to make love to you every day of my life, not have one-time sex,” Anthony continued. “I want to feel your feet resting on my shoulders while I drive my cock into you. I want to hear you say my name on a moan as you orgasm that would sear a place in my soul. I want to hear the sex sounds unique to you when you come from me sucking your dick. I want to lie on my stomach and enjoy you riding my ass on many nights. I want everything you’ve given me up until now, everything I have just said and so much more. What do you want, Luke?”

Luke gasped. The bold words poked at his excitement making his cock throb. His lip trembled beneath the thumb Anthony slid across it. He could tell from the beginning Anthony was an amazing man, someone he could see himself with in another life.

Could someone really have more than one great love in one lifetime?

Faced with Luke’s stunned silence, Anthony sighed and his fingers slipped away from Luke’s cheek. He turned away and leaned on his knees.

“I don’t get it, Luke. From what I hear, your Sean sounded like a great guy. You guys must have had something special.”

Luke nodded. “He was, and we did.”

“I can’t speak for the man, but I know that if it were me, I wouldn’t want the man I loved to be alone. I would want my lover to be happy again.”

Luke said nothing. He knew Sean would want him happy, but Sean wasn’t here to do that.

“You’re an incredible guy, Luke. I fell for you a long time ago. I’m not Sean, but I can make you happy if you let me. Moving on doesn’t mean you have to forget him. It’s not uncommon to have room in your heart to love more than one man, you know.”

They sat silently staring at one another. Anthony angled his head, gazing at him. Luke saw Anthony’s intent in his eyes and tilted his head the other way to accept the kiss. It was their first. Anthony’s lips were warm and supple. The kiss was soft and gentle sending shivers along his spine. Never before had such a simple peck left him wanting more.

Disappointment rose within him when Anthony pulled away. With a sad smile, Anthony stood and left him sitting on the sofa. Luke turned. The closer Anthony got to the door the more Luke’s pulse raced. 

What just happened? Was that goodbye? We’re over before we even start? Is that what I want?

The questions bombarded his mind one after another. He couldn’t process them fast enough to ascertain how he really felt at Anthony’s apparent decision to leave him.

Upset? Relieved? Saddened? Regretful?

He rose with every intention of stopping him, but his feet wouldn’t move and his mouth wouldn’t work. When he reached the door, Anthony spun unexpectedly landing a burning gaze on him. Luke almost jumped back, startled by the look. With swift strides, Anthony retraced his steps. Before Luke could say a word, Anthony wrapped his arm around Luke’s waist and yanked him into his embrace.

Another kiss silenced Luke’s stunned intake of breath. The latter, however, was totally different from the one he had just experienced. 
Only his toes touched the floor as the strength in Anthony’s arm held him aloft. Anthony’s tongue forced Luke’s lips apart. They battled briefly until Luke gave in to his lead. Anthony kissed Luke hungrily, rubbing his body against his blatant erection. 

The savage possessiveness of the connection overwhelmed him. Dormant sexual urges within him came to life responding to Anthony’s wanton aggressiveness. A rush of heat infused Luke’s being leaving his skin electrified. His nipples pebbled, his sphincter clenched and his cock throbbed at the feel of Anthony’s hard-on pressing against his own. The sensations were thrilling, captivating and over far sooner than Luke wanted. 
As if he had been running, Luke’s breathing was harsh and choppy when Anthony lowered him to his feet. His heart raced and his knees felt wobbly at the abrupt withdrawal. Anthony left the house without a backward glance. Luke held his head trying to gather his wits. His knees finally buckled and he fell heavily into the couch.

“Holy shit.

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