Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome to the Cocks and Shamrocks hop!

Hello Hoppers!
May the luck of the Irish be upon you as you go through this hop to win prizes! You will be exposed to lots of great authors giving away some fantastic prizes. And let’s not forget the super grand prize!

For this hop I want to talk about my book Marked for Life. Though it has nothing to do with St. Patty’s Day I will be giving it away as a gift so wanted to give you a peek inside. In Marked for Life Victor is just an infant when his parents are killed by an evil wolf shifter. Another wolf saves him and takes him for a mate. A tree sprite promises to raise Victor and keep him safe until he is old enough for Mark De Lonco to claim. Mark waited twenty-five years for the chance to make Victor his, but many obstacles stood in his way. He had much to overcome to prepare a place for him and Victor to be safe.

Victor Bradley was raised by a tree sprite after the death of his parents. When he became an adult he moved to the city, but the pull of the forest never left his heart. He took a leave of absence to take care of the only mother he ever knew, but was it his concern for her that brought him back to the forest or was it fate?

Victor remained in his position until a knock at the door roused him with a start. He looked about taking in the changes in his environment and yawned. He must have fallen asleep without realizing. The room was dark and the light outside the window had dimmed. Victor rubbed his eyes and stood up to stretch. He walked in the living room and hesitantly cracked the door open. His eyes darted from left to right peering through the sliver past the man who stood on the other side.
“Are you alone?” Victor asked.
Victor’s head tilted. The man was not one of his neighbors. “The people who stay around these parts at this time of year usually stay to themselves. What do you want?”
“I am here to speak to you, Victor.”
Victor jumped inwardly. The stranger knew his name. He was sure he didn’t know the man, although something about him seemed familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was. Curiosity made Victor widen the crevice to openly scrutinize his visitor further. The man remained silent and didn’t move, seemingly content with letting Victor examine him. Squinting, Victor craned his neck forward. Something about this man was definitely memorable. Looking at him was like putting together pieces of a forgotten dream.
The stranger was taller than he was, and extremely attractive. The black tee shirt he wore fit snugly over the bumps and ridges of his torso. His wavy dark hair hung low on his brow, but was tapered at the back of his head. Victor had not seen such a handsome man before. His features were striking in their masculine beauty. The high cheekbones, strong jaw and long nose were unique to anything he had ever seen, but it was his angular shaped eyes that caught Victor’s attention most.
They were golden brown and filled with a raw intensity that held Victor in a trance like state as they looked back at him. The glistening orbs were truly windows to his soul, for Victor could see right into him. Something there called to him, to his heart, to his soul and to his groin. Many emotions were revealed as he took in the sight of the man before him, lust, longing and love. His brows knitted in confusion. Victor knew this man, but he also knew he had never laid eyes on him before.
“How could”-
“May I come in?”
The soft spoken request cut into his contemplation. The coolness of the late evening air blew across his face bringing the sweet smell of honeysuckle. He blinked rapidly and shook his head to snap himself out of it. Victor stepped to the side and opened the door in invitation. The man walked toward the living room where he sat on the couch. Victor sat beside him. Together they sat silently ogling one another. Finally, Victor leaned back and draped his arm casually across the back of the sofa.
“So who are you? Why do you seem so familiar to me? Have we met?”
Mark smiled and relaxed back as well. “Yes, we have met, but it was many years ago.” He looked around the room. “Where is the sprite?”
Victor’s eyes widened and he sat up with a gasp. “How do you know about Yaya?”
“The sprite and I have met before on several occasions. I am Mark DeLonco. Has she told you about me?” he asked extending his hand.
Victor took his hand and opened his mouth to speak, but gasped instead. At the moment their hands touched, images formed in Victor’s mind. He closed his eyes, trying to get a lock on something he could concentrate on to bring understanding to what he was seeing. They were mostly incoherent pictures, flashes of wolves and men that he didn’t recognized. He was dizzy from trying to decipher the knowledge. Suddenly the imagery started to slow and some things started to make sense. Victor’s heart sped up as things fell into place. As a child he dreamt of a black wolf all the time, but thought nothing of it, but now”
Mark is the man and the black wolf… he thought with a gasp. 

You can get a copy at Silver Publishing

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