Monday, April 9, 2012

The Swirl Awards are almost here!

Hey everyone!
I have 2 books nominated for best cover at the 2011 Swirl Awards! Yea me! Vote for me when the polls open  May 2, 2012!

Swirl Awards Best Book Cover

Care Package

 First Sergeant Dwayne Roman was asked to leave his life as a soldier. After suffering three years with regret and loneliness, he had the chance to get back what an unjust law and self-serving people took from him. 

Marked For Life

Victor Bradley was raised by a tree sprite after the death of his parents. When he became an adult he moved to the city, but the pull of the forest never left his heart. He took a leave of absence to take care of the only mother he ever knew, but was it his concern for her that brought him back to the forest or was it fate?