Monday, November 24, 2008

Gift has a cover!

The Gift that keeps on Giving is coming to Red Rose Publishing December 4th!

Lovell Johnston was home for the holidays when he met Avery Lockhart. He had made up his mind a long time ago the when he got into another relationship it was going to last. Avery was perfect for him, everything he could ask for in a man. He was handsome, educated, sexy, available and totally interested in him. The only thing was Lovell lived in the city and Avery lived in his dome town. Would the distance and fear of being a holiday booty call be enough to keep them apart when all they wanted to do was be together?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Romance at Heart loves Jaxx Steele!

After the Storm, available at Red Rose Publishing.
Jaxx Steele tells the story in a sensitive way, bringing his lovers together to find the solace they both badly need. After the Storm is a quick read, sexy and sensitive; a book you will want to come back to again and again. See full review here:After the Strom review

By the Moonlight, available at Dreamspinners Press.
Jaxx Steele writes with a light touch, yet with the intimate and sure knowledge of his characters tastes, even if they are not certain of them. His instinctive and innate talents glow from the pages as he brings his readers along for the ride. By the Moonlight is just one of the delightful novel shorts available by Jaxx, and it can be found at Dreamspinner Press. By the Moonlight review

(I think this is a favorite, Jaxx. Excellent in spite of being so short. Sexy, erotic, and very much into the exploration of the differences in love. Very well done! Rose~)

The Devil made me do it, available at Red Rose Publishing.
The Devil Made Me Do It is a snappy quick read that is filled with erotic imagination, delightful whimsy, and yet makes you feel for the character. Jaxx Steele has a way with a story, bringing out the main characters personality, likes, dislikes, as well as the innate honor they possess. A racy, spicy little short you have to read if you enjoy the very erotic world of BDSM. See full review here: The Devil made me do it review

Friday, November 21, 2008

Romance at Heart interviewed me!

Romance at Heart reviewed After the Storm and The Devil made me do it, giving me great reviews I might add, but they also interviewed me. I had a blast doing it. It still surprises me that someone even cares what I'm thinking. LOL If you are one of those strange people who care go check out my interview.

interview here

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Devil is on the move!

As of today The Devil made me do it has risen up the charts at Fictionwise and now sits at #66! Woo hoo! Get yours and see why!

New contract!

I am pleased to announce that Phaze has accepted another one of my stories. Dreams Delivered is going to Phaze and it is a possible series if they decide to accept Simon says: Ahh and Green Light as well. We shall see and I will let you know. Here is the blurb for Dreams Delivered.

Mitchell Donavan had a fantasy that refused to leave his imagination, but even if he had a current lover, he didn’t think he could bring it to life. There would be nothing worse than to be feening for something you tried once and had no way to satisfy your thirst for it again…or was there a way?

coming to Phaze April, 09