Saturday, November 22, 2008

Romance at Heart loves Jaxx Steele!

After the Storm, available at Red Rose Publishing.
Jaxx Steele tells the story in a sensitive way, bringing his lovers together to find the solace they both badly need. After the Storm is a quick read, sexy and sensitive; a book you will want to come back to again and again. See full review here:After the Strom review

By the Moonlight, available at Dreamspinners Press.
Jaxx Steele writes with a light touch, yet with the intimate and sure knowledge of his characters tastes, even if they are not certain of them. His instinctive and innate talents glow from the pages as he brings his readers along for the ride. By the Moonlight is just one of the delightful novel shorts available by Jaxx, and it can be found at Dreamspinner Press. By the Moonlight review

(I think this is a favorite, Jaxx. Excellent in spite of being so short. Sexy, erotic, and very much into the exploration of the differences in love. Very well done! Rose~)

The Devil made me do it, available at Red Rose Publishing.
The Devil Made Me Do It is a snappy quick read that is filled with erotic imagination, delightful whimsy, and yet makes you feel for the character. Jaxx Steele has a way with a story, bringing out the main characters personality, likes, dislikes, as well as the innate honor they possess. A racy, spicy little short you have to read if you enjoy the very erotic world of BDSM. See full review here: The Devil made me do it review

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