Monday, May 18, 2009

Dreams Delivered first review is in!

Dreams Delivered by Jaxx Steele
Reader Reviewed by Theresa

Seen the cover for this book, read the blurb and had to have as if this is much of a surprise to those who know me:-) lol
Grab the ice, turn on the air conditioner and plug in a fan. This one will set the computer on fire and blow the circuit breakers. Dreams Delivered is an extremely super hot erotic m/m/m. Every once in awhile it is nice to break from the everyday, get down and dirty and live the fantasy. Jaxx Steele delivers that and then some! Dreams Delivered is book one in a series so stay tuned for a more. I know I will be! You can get your copy of Dreams Delivered at Phaze
Author Blurb: First in a series! Mitchell Donavan has a fantasy, one he doesn't think he can bring to life. When a night of Truth or Dare reveals his innermost secrets and the possibility of a new relationship, Mitchell doubts his dream will ever come true. However, dreams have a way of being delivered...
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It's contest time!

It's up to you to choose Jaxx Steele's number 1 couple of 2009!

You will choose from Jaxx Steele's releases from June 08 - June 09.

So many readers have mentioned their favorites when it comes to the handsome and sexy men in the many books of Jaxx Steele. Now it is time for you to choose your favorites! If you haven't read the book you have time. The contest will begin

May 10 and will end August 10.

Here's how it will work:

read the books

make your selection for couple of the year

send your choice in an email along with a 'couple interaction' quote from each book to this email
each reader that sends a nomination will have their name put into a "hat" and 2 winners will be chosen to win a prize:

a special print version of a Jaxx Steele book. (title to be announced)

Here are the couples that are eligible!

Jared and Byron in "By the Moonlight"
Byron watches his friend from afar loving and wanting him. When he finally gets his chance to make Jared his own he jumps at it!
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Rick and Terry in "The Devil made me do it"
When Lucifer challenged Rick to do a series of things for his amusement or he would carry out the threats made against his beloved Terry, he doesn't hesitate to do them. Along the way he even learns a few interesting things about himself that he couldn't wait to show Terry.
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Ethan and Marcus in "After the Storm"
Ethan's instincts told him that Marcus was attracted to him and a little birdie confirmed it. All he had to do was convince Marcus that fighting the attraction between them was futile.
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Avery and Lovell in "The gift that keeps on giving"
Lovell had come to terms with his lonely life style although he was not happy with it. On a visit home for the holidays he gets what he really wants for Christmas and for many Christmases to come.
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Ray and Dexter in "I saw Daddy kissing Santa Clause"
Poor Dexter woke in the middle of the night to find his 'daddy dom' sitting in Santa's lap. Once he was over his shock, Dexter had to prove to his daddy that he was a good enough boy to join him and Santa.
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Papa and Professor Louis in "Papa knows Best"
Papa refused to take no for an answer and aggressively persued the very handsome, refined and much older Professor Louis. After Papa broke down Professor Louis' defenses. Will he find that, although they came from two different generations, they were well matched and belonged together?
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James and Russell in "Right side of the Tracks"
After a drunken night of partying with his frat brothers Russ ended up in a downward spiral filled with responsibility and choking dose of reality. Being stuck there for three long years a harsh twist of faith gave him a second chance to get the life he always wanted with James...who still wanted him, too.
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Mitch and Barry in "Dreams Delivered"(book I)
Mitch and Barry were just getting to know one another when Mitch found himself kidnapped and tied to a bed with two other men. Is this a bad thing?
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Greg and Tom in "Frozen Spring Break"
Not being the average beach goer at spring break, Gregorio made his way to whatever slopes were still opened at the time. While Greg was in Lake Tahoe, Tom's truck hit a snow bank and got stuck and to top it off no one could dig him out until the morning. Bad for the truck, but good for Greg when Tom ended up at his cabin looking for help.
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Happy Reading!