Monday, May 18, 2009

Dreams Delivered first review is in!

Dreams Delivered by Jaxx Steele
Reader Reviewed by Theresa

Seen the cover for this book, read the blurb and had to have as if this is much of a surprise to those who know me:-) lol
Grab the ice, turn on the air conditioner and plug in a fan. This one will set the computer on fire and blow the circuit breakers. Dreams Delivered is an extremely super hot erotic m/m/m. Every once in awhile it is nice to break from the everyday, get down and dirty and live the fantasy. Jaxx Steele delivers that and then some! Dreams Delivered is book one in a series so stay tuned for a more. I know I will be! You can get your copy of Dreams Delivered at Phaze
Author Blurb: First in a series! Mitchell Donavan has a fantasy, one he doesn't think he can bring to life. When a night of Truth or Dare reveals his innermost secrets and the possibility of a new relationship, Mitchell doubts his dream will ever come true. However, dreams have a way of being delivered...
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