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Let the hopping begin!


Welcome to the Wicked After Dark Hop! 
Besides December and all the festivities that happen then, October is my favorite month because it has Halloween! I absolutely love dressing up. I would go to a masquerade party every weekend in a different costume if I could. It's so much fun and it never grows old for me.

I participated in this hop to celebrate Halloween with my soft horror short story, Indian Blood Moon. On the norm I am not a gory, horror or scary story writer. I don’t read stories like that nor do I partake in movies of that nature, but I did have the desire to spread my writing wings, so to speak.

The demon elements in this story came to me first then there had to be someone or something the demons served. When the story started to roll it became fun. The demons were gross, the leader was handsome and sexy enough to lure in the prey. The incantations are creepy. All the ingredients for your basic spooky story are there. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jaxx Steele story if I didn’t add a twist to it. It’s what is what I do. *wink*

For my first ‘horror’ story I thought it came out well and so did the the publisher. So for those who like a little shiver going up their spine but want to be able to sleep at night I recommend Indian Blood Moon. :)

Small town reporter Dante Tyler lives his mundane life wishing for something more. When he was sent to cover a Halloween party for his newspaper he finds that the most horrible encounter of his life turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

A soft gasp left Dante’s lips as the Dom slid his hands down his sub’s back. To the beat of the music, he ground slowly against the submissive’s ass as he held onto his shoulders. The move demanded Dante’s attention, calling to his baser needs that had been asleep from lack of a lover for over two years. He envied the man being dominated by his lover. Visions of himself being bent over like that with a strong and powerful lover behind him worked its way into his mind.
Many times he had been told that he was a large and intimidating looking man. The men he often attracted expected him to top them for that very reason. Dante was an attentive lover and did what his lovers requested of him, but he found that it was difficult for those same men to do him the way he wanted to be done. Not too many men were large enough or strong enough to take him that way. It led to dysfunction in his sex life and rendered his relationships far and few between.
He thought he heard Jack’s voice near his ear trying to cut through his fantasy as he pictured the Dom taking him that way, but it wasn’t until he felt a touch on his hand that he turned his way.
“Huh? I’m sorry, did you say something, Jack?”
“Yeah, I was asking you if you were here alone.”
Dante nodded. “Yes, I am, but I’m actually here working.”
Dante nodded, sipping from his glass. “Yes, I am a reporter and I’m doing a story on this party.”
The sinister gleam in Jack’s smile came and went before he responded. “Sounds like a fun job. Going to parties and writing about them, I could get paid for doing that. Maybe you should have some extra fun to add a little spice to your article.”
Dante looked away from the dance floor to Jack. His voice was soft and smooth, filled with the lust Dante was feeling at the moment. Could he have a little fling with this cute little pirate? He wasn’t really his type, but…
“Maybe I could.”
Jack clicked his glass to Dante’s and smiled. “Well then drink up, my friend and let the party really begin.”
Dante finished the rest of his drink in one long gulp. A rush of heat covered his body like a wave. When it passed, he looked at his cute little pirate to say something but he appeared a little fuzzy. He shook his head and chuckled.
“Something wrong, Dante?”
“No, I’m fine. It’s just been a while since I really drank. I guess the two Long Islands are getting to me.”
“Maybe you just need some air. Come on.”
Jack grabbed his arm and led to the back of the room to a sliding glass door. The cool air hit Dante in the face, but didn’t make him feel better. Jack quickly walked him away from the building.
“Where are we going, Jack?”
Jack didn’t answer him.
Dante could feel the change in the air. The cool breeze told him they were nearing the lake. Although his vision was fuzzy, he could see the lake in the distance getting closer and a group of people standing close by.
“What’s going on? Who are they?”
Still he didn’t answer. Dante tried to yank his arm away from the little pirate, but he had no strength and no coordination as he stumbled along beside him. His internal alarm started ringing and he tried yelling. His cries for help rang loudly in his head, but the echoes sounded so far away to his ears.
“Don’t waste your time screaming, no one can hear you over the music,” Jack finally said.

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