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Candy Kink with Hosting for the Holidays

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Jaxx Steele back atcha wishing you Happy Holidays once more and to share with you my love for older men! This blog will focus on Hosting for the Holidays!
I have always adored older men. You know the ones I’m talking about. The men that are aging like fine wine. Getting sexier as time passes. The Sean Connerys, Mark Harmons, Samuel Jacksons, Denzel Washingtons, Antonio Banderas’ and one of my favorites, the late Ricardo Montalbans in the world.
Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of Jaxx Steele and not necessarily shared by the good people at Close Encounters with the Night Kind!
There! Now, that the legalities have been observed….
The physical beauty of a young man is surely one of his prize possessions. I mean, who doesn't walk along the beach just to see those lovely hard bodies, burned to a golden glow by the sun, glistening with a sheen of perspiration, flexing beautifully in the bright July heat?
0-0 *ahem* 
Sorry about that. I got lost in the visual of all that and lost my train of thought. Now where was I? Oh yes…as I was saying. That's all good, but it takes more than a pretty face, doesn’t it? I am not trying to bash younger men, but if physical beauty fades with time and that’s all you have, well…
An older man who is healthy in mind and conscience of his physical health can be just as visually beautiful! Father Time has been kind to his body because he remains active. He may not possess that six pack he used to at twenty five, but as he hovers around fifty he is in good shape and shows appreciation for your six pack! And Lordy! Let’s not forget there are still a few out there who do have the body they had at twenty five! He appreciates the days he has and lives them to the fullest. His graying hair looks distinguished on him and ups his sexiness tenfold.
I also love the fact that he is confident about who he is. Educated, intelligent and worldly is a major turn on! He has no problem teaching you what he knows and welcomes the challenge of learning new things from you. Ahhh, yes, what can I say? I love them.
Hosting for the Holidays starts at Christmas and ends New Years night. It is a May-December romance that celebrates the beauty of the older man. Though Chad calls his lover Daddy, it is a term of endearment not a designation.  Here’s a peek. Enjoy!

Hector had chosen the Christmas time for his young lover, Chad, to meet his best friends for the first time. Christmas Eve dinner went well and Chad felt he had made a group of new friends. To celebrate New Year's Eve Chad made special plans for him and Hector, but will the impromptu appearance by their friends threatened to ruin his big surprise?

“So Santa, do you have enough time to hang around and play with my sweet little Chad?”
Santa’s laugh was far from his famously known ‘ho-ho-ho’, but it did have joy in it. “If I can stay up all night delivering Christmas gifts to good little children around the world, surely I have enough time and strength to fuck the both of you.”

Santa’s voice was deep and silky sending waves of sensual vibrations down Chad’s back. Santa kicked his boots off and removed the pants before he reached down to yank the glittery white cloth from underneath the tree. He walked to the fireplace wearing only his hat and jacket as the lights from the tree flickered teasingly across his tight muscular butt. Lowering himself onto the carpet, he spread out the cloth and discarded his red velvet coat.

“Have you been a good boy, Chad?” he asked stroking his cock.

Chad swallowed loudly. “Yes, Santa, I have been very good.”

“Are you a good lay, too?”

The carnal question made Chad’s cock bob in his hand and a shudder run down his back. He looked up at Hector and his love smiled approvingly at him.

“Oh yes, I am very good,” he answered, turning his attention back to Santa.

Santa lay back on top of the tree skirt in front of the roaring fire. The light of the dancing flames made his dark skin glow like polished copper. His impressive piece was full as his hand twisted and turned over the gleaming chocolate head. Hundreds of Christmas cards with Santa, Kris Kringle, St. Nick and a slew of other renditions of the same man flashed through Chad’s mind. None could hold a candle to how good this dark, delicious man looked stretched out leisurely before their fireplace.

“Then come ride Santa’s cock with that tight little ass of yours.”

Chad didn’t hesitate to answer his call. He wanted more than anything to ride Santa’s big dick and so did his daddy. He straddled Santa’s lap pressing his hands to his broad shoulders for leverage. Leaning forward he let Santa position his staff in place, and then he pressed down until it disappeared inside of him.

His eyes closed as he planted his knees on the carpet and rocked slowly back and forth over the bulging head. Chad pressed his lips together to muffle a moan. His face twisted in obvious pleasure. Still gripping Santa’s shoulders, Chad bounced his ass over the thick organ, arching his back with rhythmic thrusts of his hips, to bring them both optimal pleasure. Santa grasped Chad’s hips, slamming onto his cock.

“Shit! He works you like this every night, Old School?” Santa asked Hector.

Hector let out a lusty laugh and came closer to them. “Not every night, but as often as I let him.”

It took Santa let a few groans slip out before he spoke again. “No offense, dude, but aren’t you a little old for a sweet young thang like this to be fucking you with such gusto?”

Hector laughed again as he ran his fingers lovingly through Chad’s hair as he continued to work Santa into frenzy.

“None taken and you’re probably right, but what better way to go, eh?”

Hosting for the Holidays available at Muse it Hot!

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