Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 contracts to start the year off right!

Greetings everyone (if there is anyone)
I sent out four stories in the last quarter of 2008 and I have received two answers resulting in 2 contacts.

A year-long Valentine

Stephan Jefferies was a singer at The Jazz and Blues Lounge. Julio De la Cruz inherited the club and others like it. When Julio stepped into the club he was entranced by Stephan's voice and his dark beauty. Julio doesn’t have a clue how to approach Stephan so he sent him to another one of his clubs to sing until he got up his nerve. How long will it take Julio to make his move and will Stephan be able to wait that long?

coming in Reflections of Love

Dreamspinners Press anthology: Valentine's Day 2009


Frozen Spring Break
Gregorio Santos was not like his co-workers. While they rushed to the warm temps and white sand beaches of the Caribbean on vacation, he was on his way to the white cold of the ski slopes. "You can have your little umbrella drinks and your year-long tans, I'll take a hot toddy by the fire any day" he often told them.
Throwing his energy into his work and skiing as he tried to forget his loneliness. While on vacation at Lake Tahoe a freak accident strands the most sexiest man he had met in years at his cabin. Will his resolve to stay single last, being with a man that gives the term 'bringing sexy back' new meaning?

coming soon to Freya's Bower

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