Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Older Men: Love them!

Jaxx Steele here to give you my take on older men. I wanted to take this moment to give props to sexy older men. The man that is aging like fine wine, getting sexier with age, your Sean Connerys, Mark Harmons, Samuel Jacksons and Antonio Banderas’ of the world.
I write romances and work really hard trying to bring out my characters inner as well as outer beauty. Most of my characters are, although it is not stated you get the impression, in their mid twenties to mid thirties. I have also written a few May-December type romances. To date my biggest seller has been a May-December romance called Papa knows Best. In this book the pros and cons of being with an older man are highlighted. As a lover of older men I want to spotlight them and all of the beauty that comes with them.
The physical beauty of a younger man is one of his assets, a prize possession, but what else does he have going for him. I am not trying to down play the younger man, but if physical beauty fades with time and that’s all you have, well…
With an older man who is healthy in mind, body and spirit there is nothing he can’t do! He has gone though most of the changes men go through to make them men. He is less likely to change on you. What you get when you got there is what you keep. LOL Father Time has been kind to him because he remains active and lives for the day. He appreciates the days he has and lives them to the fullest. He has no problem teaching you new things and welcomes the challenge of learning new things from you. They are intelligent and worldly. His graying hair looks distinguished on him and ups his sexiness tenfold. As far as physical beauty goes, he may not possess that six pack he used to at twenty five, but at forty five he is in good shape and shows appreciation for your six pack! And Lordy! Let’s not forget the few who do still have the body they had at twenty five! Can you say HOT! Who could want anything else in a man?
I would love to read more gay romance spot lighting handsome older men. I have seen some outstanding men in their forties, just reaching their prime. Do you write about them? Let me know so I can read it and if you want to read them, check out my website and pick up one of my books. Until next time… Jaxx Steele has left the building.

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Paul W said...

I love older men too! (I edit and there are a few May/December books listed on my website at

Don Schecter has just release a couple of books with about older/younger short stories.


Jaxx Steele said...

Thanks Paul.
I will definitley check out the site!