Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keeping you posted!

Don't know if anyone is actually seeing this, but I did say I would keep up with it. I am committed to posting at least twice a week, possibly more as info comes in, but definitely twice. I don't know which days that will be, but it will take place during the calendar week (Sun-Sat). Keeping with my promise I thought I would update you on accepted contracts.

Silver Publishing, (home of Marked for Life) has accepted Claiming Cupid. Coming Valentine's Day, 2011, cover pending. Here is the blurb:

Daniel was sick and tired of Max’s ‘boyfriends’ dogging him. He thought Max deserved better and wanted him to be his man so he could treat him better, but was afraid to jeopardize their friendship by making any unwanted moves. When Max broke up with his latest lover the day before Valentine's Day, Daniel could take it no more. He put a plan of action in place to claim and protect the heart of his old friend.

Talk more later!

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