Monday, August 29, 2011

Get to know Jaxx Steele Week!

Hello everyone!
A few of the readers have asked me some crazy questions during a chat or two that I feel like my reader friends don't seem to know me. Well, I decided to have a Get to know Jaxx Steele forum! Every day I will post a different series of questions so you get to me better personally and professionally. Leave a comment and be entered into a contest at the end of the week for cool prizes!

5 lucky people who make comments will win. The winners will be chosen at random from each post (so if you comment daily you have more of a chance to win).

Catch! You can only win once. So if you post everyday and are chosen for the Tuesday prize you can't win the Friday prize, too. (sorry, we must play fair)

Today's topic is 'one word to describe Jaxx'
Here are today's questions!

Which word would you use to decribe yourself and your personality?

Which word would your best friend use to describe you?


Which word would you use to describe the one person you love most in this world?


Which word would you use to describe the one person from your childhood who you think shaped who you are today?

Which word do you want to be a part of your future?


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Pender Mackie said...

Nice to get to know you, Jaxx.

Jaxx Steele said...

Thanks for commenting! I hope you continue to come back!