Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get to know Jaxx: day 4

Today's topic: your books!

Which book took the longest to complete?
Most of them took about the same time, but Freed From Fear (Muse it Hot) seemed to take forever to get done. Dana and Frank wouldn't talk to me consistently so it took longer than the others. I wrote 2 other books while writing that one.

What book came to you and just flowed to the pages?
By the Moonlight (Dreamspinners Press). I saw Byron practically cast a line out and snare Jared to coax him over to the dark to speak. LOL It was like I was there watching Byron convice his friend that he loved him and they would be happy together. All I had to do was write down what I saw.

What character was the easiest to write?
Dwayne Roman (Care Package-Silver Publishing). Along with By the Moonlight, this book was easy to write. It was like I knew Roman personally, his likes, dislikes, wants, needs, everything. I was just telling a friend's story that needed to be told and he wouldn't shup up talking to me until I finished it. LOL

What book made you do the most research?
I did a lot of research for Healing the Beast Within (Phaze). I wanted my folklore to ring true. I always do my homework before I state something that could be looked up as real.

Do you prefer doing contemporary romance or fantasy? Which are your favorites? Why?
Although I have many more contemporaries than fantasies, I like those better. They're more fun to do. My favorite contemporary romance is The gift that keeps on giving (Red Rose Publishing)because it shows how close Lovell and his family was and they really did know what was best for him. As for the fantasy, I guess it would be Indian Blood Moon (Phaze) just because I loved building Magnus. :)

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Fabian Black said...

Isn't it strange how some stories just flow along and others kind of limp, as if the characters keep leaving the room to pursue other things. I have one story sitting on my hard drive that I swear must have fallen out with me for some reason because one moment it was galloping along and then the characters just stopped talking. :) I guess it's all part of the writing process.

Nice post, Jaxx.


Loveless3173 said...

Hm, I like fantasy a bit more too. :)

I think its because in fantasy you can do so many things to it. Build your own world. It's harder work, but in the end, I think it just leaves you that much more satisfied with the final piece.