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I am Jaxx Steele, author of gay erotic romance. I will be sharing an except of  my cowboy story Part of the Posse. They have lots of Hot Summer Nights but here is the first they shared during a stormy summer night.

Les Browning traveled with his trusted group of men for years. As the company made a cattle run from Texas to Kansas Les met Colt, a young cook looking to find his way in the world. They hit it off immediately, but Les couldn’t get too close to Colt until the men in his party gave the okay for Colt to travel with them. Can Colt ultimately prove himself worthy to be a part of their clique so that he and Les could be together?

Colt’s deft fingers gripped Les’s cock and stroked with knowledge and purpose. Colt alternated between stroking the full length and sucking on the head. Les moaned again, enjoying Colt’s bold touch. It felt good when he stroked his own rod, but having someone else handle his cock felt incredible. It had been a while since he had lain with another man. Colt continued kissing his body and sucking his dick until Les was breathless and in danger of spilling his seed prematurely. Les abruptly shoved Colt onto the hay. 
“Stop! Take them wet clothes off so I can fuck you.”
 If Colt took offense at the gruffness of his words or the manhandling, he showed no sign. Colt rose to his feet quickly to honor Les’s request, giving him a full view of his body. His light- bronzed complexion reminded Les of the expensive rum he had splurged on once in Galveston. Smooth and delicious, the best hooch he ever had. Les almost smiled wondering if Colt would be the best he ever had. Everywhere he looked, taut lean muscles. His body, hairless except for the patch of loose curls at the top of an erection lifting proudly toward the ceiling. Perfection. 
What’s a boy as young Colt doing with a big, thick cock like that? Les mused.
 His desire to know if Colt could wield such a tool made his dick jump with anticipation. When his gaze reached Colt’s face, he smiled eagerly. 
“Now you do the same. I want to see you.” 
Les hesitated, averting his eyes. He figured himself to be Colt’s senior by at least ten years, maybe more. Although he had no potbelly, his limbs and torso were not as tight as they once had been. When Les looked back, Colt’s gaze was impatient. Les stood and removed his shirt then pushed his pants and drawers off at the same time. Now Colt openly ogled him, and his cock throbbed under the intense scrutiny. 
“Nice,” Colt said finally. “Now let’s see what it can do.” 
Colt rushed at him again, plundering his mouth insistently. Les let the young man take the lead. Usually he took control with a lover, but he liked how this boy showed no restraint in wanting him. Colt’s hands gripped Les’s cock enthusiastically. His firm stroking made Les harder than he had ever been.
Breathing hard, he pulled himself out of Colt’s arms and reached to the ground for his saddlebag. He withdrew a small bottle of oil. Colt laughed.
“Are you always prepared?” 
“I’m a man that travels without companionship. This stuff makes it easier during my one on one time,” Les explained with a grin.
“Smart. I like that quality in a man.” 
Les smacked Colt’s hip playfully. “Turn over. I want to see that tight ass in the air.”
Colt lowered himself to the hay and rolled over, raising his bottom. Les glided his hand over the roundness of his firm butt cheeks before he poured a stream of oil down the crack between them. Watching the stream disappear made his cock pulse. 
After tossing the container toward his bag, Les slipped his finger between the brown muscles. He located the hole within and directed the slickness to it. His middle finger slid back and forth several times before penetrating the opening. Colt moved readily, backing into the motion. Les’s mouth went dry at the sight of the rotating hips. He licked his lips watching Colt move his lithe body erotically to increase his own pleasure. Colt’s moans rose into the air as thunder boomed outside, as if trying to drown out his cries. Lightning flashed and lit up the loft.
Colt’s heavy breathing and adamant grinding turned Les on. He found himself torn between continuing to finger fuck him and burying his staff inside the hole. 
“As—As good as this feels, ahh—” Colt paused, panting. “I want to feel your cock in me instead of your finger.” 
Les gasped. Colt’s breathless plea broke his self-control, making up his mind for him. He withdrew his finger, positioned himself directly behind Colt and− with one well-placed thrust− buried his pole deep inside Colt’s willing tunnel. Colt groaned when Les was fully seated. Les savored the shudder gliding over him from Colt’s body. Long moments passed before he could move within the slick passage. Colt’s ass was the sweetest he’d had in a long time. He had hoped to make the encounter last, but already that delicious feeling tightened his balls, warning him of an imminent climax. Colt worked his hips in a deliberate circular motion, drawing Les’s pleasure from him. Les pumped faster, harder, driving inside the younger man, angling his hips to bring the most pleasure. The sound of their flesh slapping together, mixed along with the heavy scent of sex in the air, drove Les crazy. When Colt’s accommodating movements and satisfied groans increased, it was his undoing. 
“Shit!” Les yelled as his orgasm took over. Les wavered, dizzy from the strength of his release. He leaned forward onto Colt’s back, letting his cock slip from his lover’s body. 
Colt eased them onto the hay, allowing Les to roll off him. Les lay motionless as he tried to catch his breath. So far, his notion had been right. No one had made him feel so good or come so fast before. Les rose onto his elbows, turning to his new lover. Colt lay resting with his eyes closed, his half-hard cock lolled on his left thigh. 
Over the years, Les had taken pleasure in noticing the differences in his lovers, especially their dicks. They all basically looked the same to him, much like his own—some longer, some shorter—but that wasn’t the case with Colt’s. Its golden brown color was beautiful, like none he had ever seen before not even Juan. Les couldn’t help but wonder if it would taste different too. His mouth watered at the prospect of finding out. 
After staring at Colt’s cock for a few more deciding moments, he nudged Colt in the ribs. Colt turned questioning eyes to him. 
“Stand up,” Les said.

Les and Colt's story continues in Part of the Posse, now available at Secret Craving Publishing.

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