Thursday, April 16, 2009

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After the Storm
By Jaxx Steele
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Hotel entrepreneur Ethan Conrad wants unconditional love in the form of shy, hardworking carpenter, Marcus. What happens when the shy man unleashes his pent up lust? Find out in After the Storm.
Ethan’s forthright approach to life has earned him his fair share of ups and downs. A glimpse of Marcus straight out of the pool charges his desires and sets him on course to meet the love of his life. I loved Mr. Steele’s storytelling. He keeps the reader involved with a fast-paced story and relatable characters. I rooted for Marcus to overcome his shyness and fear of commitment in order to love Ethan. His fears are the same as everyone, we want to be loved, but we also want that love to last forever. When it doesn’t, we feel the same type of heartbreak. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between the two men and sighed with contentedness when the story concluded.
If you like a sensual story with two heroes, then pick up a copy of After the Storm. I give this story 4 ½ cherries. Awesome!


TITLE: The Right side of the Tracks
AUTHOR: Jaxx Steele
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

RATING: 4 stars
Review by Jamie P. Blaze

Faced with the consequences of one careless night, Russell Drake left his lover, James, to marry a woman he barely knew. It certainly wasn't what he planned, but one look at his son's tiny face convinced him that he'd do whatever was necessary to make his child happy ... even if it cost him his own happiness. But fate has something else in mind for him, and an unforeseen accident once again sets off a cascade of change. Three years later, Russell no longer has to settle and exist for his son's sake. He has the chance to rediscover the life he'd wanted with James.
Jaxx Steele wrote a wonderful angst ridden story, while still clinging to the notion of love must conquer all. The concept of hope clings to everything throughout this book, and it's more than enough to keep one glued to the pages. Russell Drake gets trapped by an incredible event that changes his whole world. Tyrell is his sweet little boy ~ was it worth all the pain and angst? His wife Monica is gone, his life is in shambles. James has been burned by Russell, who is ridden with guilt and a sense of duty. Will they meet and be happy? Sacrifices have to be made. Partners again? Ethnicity plays a big role in his book, as does the power of family. Russell's memories and flashbacks to better times with James, while he wrestles with his emotions, are very nicely done. Even in a nice setting, you cannot miss the money issues and unwanted family that comes with, all adding pressure. If you add court battles and hot seductions, we have a very fun way to spend some time! Plus true love. Kudos to Jaxx Steele.


The Devil made me do it
Author: Jaxx Steele

Heat Level: 2 PEPPERS questionable consent, extereme sex practices
Rating: 4 LIPS
Reviewed by: Tina

Rick’s life as a teacher is perfect life when combined with a lover he adores. Then, Satan gets bored and decides that Rick is the perfect way to relieve his boredom. Rick wants to turn him down, but Satan threatens his lover and the school he works for when Rick attempts to deny him. Rick reluctantly agrees to a night of whatever depravities Satan desires, while hoping he will survive it and not regret it.

Jaxx Steele does quite a creepy turn when delving into demon sexual practices in The Devil made me do it. There is a lot of questionable consent, wrapped in the guise of BDSM, involved in this tale. I'm not sure if I was disturbed out by the erotic encounters or if I was fascinated by the story itself. Rick’s journey is both pleasurable and creepy at the same time making this story not one for the faint hearted. The Devil made me do it will definitely stay with you long after you are done reading it.

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