Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FAR loves Tracks!

Gives Right side of the Tracks 5 ANGELS!

Russell is at the end of his ability to cope with everything. He gave up the man he loved, James, and walked away from his family to be there when his son was born. The only problem is that Russell is gay and a freak accident took the life of his wife, Monica, leaving him alone to raise his son, Tyrell. His wife's family was very clear that Tyrell was his responsibility alone. They even disowned their daughter after they found out she was pregnant with a white man's baby.
Russell does the only thing he can think of and calls his mother who he hasn't talked to in the three years he has been away, and she tells him to come home. Russell arrives finding love and acceptance from his family, but being home resurrects his feelings for James, especially when James comes around to see him. Russell learns that he is in the fight of his life from Monica's family, who decided to fight for custody of Tyrell. And there is still the problem of what to do about James who has no idea what happened or why Russell left in the first place. Will Russell get a second chance at love? Will he find a way to keep Tyrell, who he loves more than anything?

Mr. Steele has created a wonderful short story about the price of parenthood and second chances. Russell is a wonderful character who was willing to give up everything, even the love of his life, for the child he never thought he would have. Russell's family is the way family are supposed to be, loving and accepting. If more people were like that, the world would be a better place. I loved how James never gave up on his man even after everything that happened. Thanks go to Mr. Steele for a wonderful story.

Reviewed by: Teresa

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