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Greetings again Fall hoppers!

Today I have another look into a scene that takes place in the autumn. It is one of my “soft horrors”. Since I am so not into horror, reading or writing them, I did write 3 to stretch my writing wings. I will give you a look at them for the rest of this hop since they fit the Halloween season and the “fall into romance” theme as well.

Today we have Healing the Beast Within.  The first born of twin boys, Keith Turner, has reaped the benefits of a century old curse on his family. Punished for a crime he did not commit, if you will.  However, being men of the 21st century they refuse to believe there is no way out. And as we all know there is a way out of every box, and a solution to every puzzle for those who work diligently to find them. That is Kevin’s, the un-cursed twin’s, philosophy. Here is a look at a cool fall night the day he fell for the love of his life. 

Cursed for a crime he did not commit, Keith Turner had given up on love. Even after making that decision, he still spent every night being tortured. His brother Kevin was confident that they could find a way to break the curse, but it wasn’t until Keith met Marcello that he ever took Kevin’s ideas to heart.

   He was an older man with more black than grey in his short cropped hair. Although pain filled the man’s intense brown eyes, Keith could see sparks of intelligence. His strong jaw line was covered in a five o’clock shadow that made him look ruggedly handsome. His skin was dark from the sun. A heavy tan lined his biceps, another rounded his shoulders and one more was at the top of his shoulders. All were visible in the tank top that he wore. The sweat on his chest caused the flimsy shirt to cling to his stocky torso invitingly. The muscles beneath were defined and full from obvious manual labor.
The patient gripped the edge of the exam table, his muscles taunt. The man made low grunting sounds as Kevin moved one of his legs up and down. Keith stared transfixed on the hand identical to his own as it massaged the knee, then push the patient’s jean shorts up further. He easily imagined the hand was his. The thought made his nostrils flare again. His eyes closed as he let the scent saturate his entire body. A visual of flipping and bending the man over the table formed in his mind.  
“Hey, bro, I’m almost done here. Have you met Mr. Torres?”
Keith’s eyes popped open and the vision vanished. The sound of his brother’s voice broke the trance he was in.
“No, I haven’t. I’m Dr. Keith.”
A slight electric shock shot up his arm when Mr. Torres reached out to grip Keith’s hand in a firm handshake. The sensation left the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. Keith stared at their hands for what seemed like an eternity before lifting his eyes to meet the other man’s.
Confusion mixed with the fading pain in Mr. Torres’ eyes. The sparkling orbs crinkled in the corners as a touch of wonder replaced the uncertainty there. Keith could tell that whatever he just experienced, Mr. Torres had felt it too. Keith locked his gaze onto what he saw in the smooth chocolate pools. He squeezed the strong hand that held his.
Slowly Keith retracted his arm, attempting to pull Mr. Torres off the table, but his brother stood and broke their intense connection. Keith snatched his hand back.
“Okay, Marcello. I think that’s enough for today. You’re doing very well.”
“Thanks, Doc, but it’s all because of you, you know.” Mr. Torres’s voice was heavily accented as it vibrated through the air.
Keith sighed softly as it filtered into his ears and locked itself into his memory.
“Nah, physical therapy only works if the patient participates by doing the exercises we give them when they leave the office, too,” Kevin responded modestly.
Marcello lowered himself to the floor using the table to gain his balance. His head came to about Keith’s nose and proportionate for his build. He used a small towel from his back pocket to wipe the perspiration from his face and chest.
“I knew that your brother shared your practice with you, Doc, but I did not know that you were twins,” Marcello mentioned leaning against the table.
“Yeah, it shocks people when they first come to us. We decided to drop the Dr. Turner and just go by our first names. It helps the secretaries and the clients distinguish between the two of us,” Kevin explained writing in his folder.
“That makes sense. I guess it would be a little confusing to send someone to see Dr. Turner at Turner Therapy. Then come to find out that you don’t know which doctor you’re supposed to see because they’re at the same place, with the same name and look just alike, too,” Marcello said with a soft chuckle.
Marcello reached for the cane that leaned against the table. He looked at Kevin, and then turned a scrutinizing gaze upon Keith before turning back to his doctor.
“You may be twins, Dr. Kevin, but I see a few differences in you, too.”
Keith’s eyebrow rose. People always had difficulty telling them apart when they were growing up. He and his brother got into a lot of trouble because of that and also had a lot of fun.
“Is that right?” Kevin said still writing in his chart. “What differences do you see, Mr. Torres?” Keith asked.
He turned to look at Keith again and smiled. “Please, Dr. Keith, call me Marcello.”
Keith’s cock jumped in his pants as his name rolled off of Mr. Torres’ full lips. He found he could not put any words together to confirm comprehension of his request so he nodded and Marcello continued.
“Well, since I’ve been coming here I noticed a scar over Dr. Kevin’s lip, one on his cheek and another on the top of his left hand. While you, Dr. Keith,” he paused to scan his face again, “seem to be scarless. Of course I didn’t know those were differences until seeing you. But now that I have met you, Dr. Keith, I also notice Dr. Kevin wears glasses and you don’t. Are you wearing contacts or did you opt for that Lasik surgery?” he inquired.
Marcello’s astuteness impressed him. Keith’s vision had corrected itself long ago. The scars he had acquired in his youth disappeared along with his bad vision just after his eighteenth birthday. His overall health had greatly improved. He was no longer allergic to pollen, he never got sick again nor did he get another scar. No matter how bad a cut was it healed over perfectly in a short amount of time. No one besides him and his brother knew any of that.
“I wear contacts,” Keith finally answered.
Marcello used his cane to help turn his body and take a few steps closer to Keith. “Ahh, so was it vanity that prompted that decision or the urge to be different from your brother?” he asked bringing a mischievous grin close to Keith’s face.
Keith couldn’t speak. Marcello’s proximity was overwhelming him. The room began to spin, and his knees buckled.
“Whoa! Hey Doc, a little help here!”
Keith heard Marcello shout as he felt his body guided slowly to the floor. The clash of the man’s cane as it hit the floor and the squeaking wheels on his brother’s chair sounded as if they came from a distance.

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Sounds so intense!


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The blurbs sounds interesting and the excerpt just makes me just want to read more. Thanks for the excerpt =)

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Ooh, great excerpt. I probably read as much horror as you write, but I'm intrigued both by what's with the curse and what will happen between Keith and Marcello.

Thanks for sharing with us!

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Definitely caught my attention! My tbr list is certainly growing!